Mar 10

Settling down…for the moment

By CJ | UK

We haven’t updated Red Door Ponderings since August – how did that happen.  So, as you can tell by the title, we have stopped moving for a while.  Well actually, we stopped in November – but time has whizzed by and life managed to get in the way. We decided to stop in London for a […]

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Aug 03

And….We’re Back

By CJ | Blog

We have been missing in action for a while from this space.  We have been travelling for nine months now, and just returned to the UK after 11 weeks on the road. So now it is time to refocus, spend a lot of time updating Red Door Ponderings, and either getting jobs or creating new […]

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Jun 27

Top Things to do in Bath, UK

By CJ | Europe

Bath is one of our favourite destinations to visit in the UK.  We have been lucky enough to visit and housesit in Bath several times over the last six months and are looking forward to returning later in the year. Visiting Bath sometimes feels like you are stepping through a doorway in time where Elizabeth Bennett […]

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Jun 22

Beautiful Things to see in Porto

By CJ | Culture

Of the many things to do in Porto, one of the best is to walk the streets and admire the beauty of this lovely City.  Porto is a feast for the eyes.  If you like design, architecture and street art, then Porto is a wonderful destination to visit.  From Ajulejo tiles to intricate doorknobs, exploring […]

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Jun 20

16 Places to Find Great Street Art

By CJ | Culture

16 Of The Best Street Art Spots Around the World If you love Art, travelling and getting off the beaten track then discovering new Street Art locations could be your next travel bonanza.  In this article, we are lucky to have 16 travelers from across the globe share their favorite Street Art spots.  You may […]

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Jun 16

Top Things to do in Lyon

By CJ | Europe

Frаnсе’ѕ third-lаrgеѕt city iѕ the French gаѕtrоnоmiс capital with a сulinаrу ѕрirit thаt реrvаdеѕ frоm Michelin-starred restaurants tо modest bоuсhоnѕ. Thе fоrkѕ оf thе Rivеr Sâone and Rivеr Rhônе соnvеrgе in this еlеgаnt city where Rоmаn ruins mееt UNESCO-classified mеdiеvаl lanes, baroque squares, аnd соntеmроrаrу icons such аѕ thе nеw Muѕéе dе lа Cоnfluеnсе еthnоlоgу […]

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